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"I just got out of vertical gastric sleeve surgery and have lost 118lbs in 7 months"
"The most phenomenal protein out there period... and I DONT just say that lightly."
"I am a bariatric patient who has had surgery... GENEPRO has helped me lose weight"

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make low calorie protein?
GENEPRO has roughly 3x the absorption rate as a typical whey protein. This means you need roughly 1/3 the amount of our product to achieve the same nutritional value and protein intake! 

Where is GENEPRO made?
GENEPRO is 100% made in the USA.
Can I use GENEPRO if I have food allergies, such as dairy or gluten?
GENEPRO is easier to digest and both gluten-free and lactose-free. Those that are lactose-intolerant typically have no problems with GENEPRO. GENEPRO's protein is derived from grass-fed whey, so it is not 100% dairy-free. However, due to GENEPRO's industry absorption rate (97.8%), the protein absorbs into the body in the upper GI tract which helps to mitigate any gastric distress. If you don't like GENEPRO, we'll refund your order!
Will GENEPRO help me reach ketosis?
Many factors contribute to ketosis, but limiting carbohydrates is generally the most important factor. If you aren't consuming additional carbs elsewhere, then GENEPRO can definitely help you reach ketosis! We've reduced the amount of carbs per serving of 30g protein down to a mere 0.6g. GENEPRO is also sugar-free, which eliminates the most harmful carbohydrates found in other traditional protein powders.
Is GENEPRO flavored?
GENEPRO is a 100% flavorless protein powder. There is zero added flavoring, sugar, or sweeteners. This makes GENEPRO the perfect protein additive to almost any food or beverage without changing the taste or consistency of what you are mixing it with.
How fast is shipping? I need my GENEPRO now!
Order processing time takes only 1-2 business days. For domestic customers, we ship via USPS which takes anywhere between 2 and 5 business days to arrive. For international customers, we offer rate-based shipping via USPS International which can take roughly 7-10 business days, but this can vary.
How do I use GENEPRO?
There's endless ways to use GENEPRO! We've completely innovated the use cases for a protein supplement. Simply use the included scooper to portion out a single serving size scoop (or two) and add it to any food or beverage of your choice. GENEPRO mixes seamlessly and doesn't clump, so you can mix it by stirring, shaking, or blending. You can put it in a smoothie, milk, yogurt, pudding, various sauces, baked goods, and believe it or not; even the mac and cheese for the kids! Our customers even enjoy GENEPRO added to plain water since it dissolves so easily and is flavorless. 
Will GENEPRO upset my stomach?
GENEPRO is far less likely to cause these problems over traditional whey protein. GENEPRO’s micronized formulation makes for easier digestion. We cut out the junk like sugar, carbs, gluten and flavor additives that are added to traditional protein powders, and your body absorbs 97.8% of the GENEPRO before it even goes through the digestive process, making our product the best way to get your protein without gastric distress.